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Hi Mountain Announces That Grilling Season Is Officially Open

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RIVERTON, Wyo. (April 24, 2012) — It’s time to clean out the grill and fire up the burners because grilling season has officially opened. With the warmer weather and longer days, there’s nothing better than cooking outdoors. And that doesn’t just mean boring barbecue chicken or hot dogs and burgers. It is Hi Mountain grilling time with steaks, fish, waterfowl, pork or any other bounty of last season’s quarry on the menu.

With Hi Mountain Seasonings’ delicious Western Style Rubs and flavor-filled Smokehouse Cans, it’s exceptionally easy to grill your way to delicious dishes that even a 5-star chef would envy. Whether it’s wild or store-bought, your poultry, pork, fish or beef are on tonight’s menu, and Hi Mountain Seasonings has a Western Style Rub that will seal in the juices and enhance the natural flavor of your hard-earned meat. Hi Mountain Seasoning’s five mouth-watering blends—Steak Rub, Garlic Pepper Rub, Venison Rub, Salmon Rub and Poultry Rub—provide you with a delicious way to grill something amazing and new every night of the week.

Hi Mountain’s Western Style Rubs adhere to meat using its natural moisture, so no oil is required. That makes them virtually fat-free while being a healthier alternative to many oil-laden marinades on the market. With these Hi Mountain Seasonings Dry Rubs, it is easy to turn any ordinary meal into a tantalizing culinary experience that will please even the most finicky eaters.

To turn up the flavor another notch, try using one of Hi Mountain Seasonings Smokehouse Cans inside your grill. Available in three great flavors—Alder Orange Peel, Mesquite Coffee Bean and Hickory Lemon Basil—you simply place the smoke can on the grill grate for a few minutes until the smoke starts, place your food on the grill, and then let the Smokehouse flavor infuse into whatever you are cooking. Hi Mountain Seasonings Smokehouse Cans are a simple and easy way to bring a rich smoky flavor to any meal.

So now that the temperatures have escalated, get out of the kitchen, fire up the grill, and have a Hi Mountain Seasonings grill night, tonight!

Available at retailers nationwide or conveniently online at, the Smokehouse cans retail for $3.79 and the Rubs retail for $8.99.

Hi Mountain’s entire line of products, cooking tips, instructional videos, and recipes are also available at, and the products can be found at high-quality sporting goods stores, farm and ranch stores and your local grocery stores.

Located in the heart of Wyoming, Hi Mountain Seasonings was founded in 1991. It is the premier manufacturer of kits for homemade jerky and sausage. Hi Mountain Seasonings has successfully captured distinct, traditional Western flavors in its Jerky Cure & Seasonings, Western Style Seasonings, Bacon cures and other products that make up the unique line of gourmet Western seasonings. For additional information, write: Hi Mountain Seasonings, 1000 College View Drive, Riverton, WY 82501; call toll-free 1-800-829-2285; or visit the company website at

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