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Corvus Defensio AUG Products Now Available
from Steyr Arms

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BESSEMER, Ala. (Oct. 23, 2018) — Steyr Arms announced its exclusive importation partnership with Corvus Defensio at the SHOT Show, and the company had some of the AUG enhancement parts on display. The first of those parts have arrived, and more are on the way. The parts available in the initial batch are the Anti-Rotation QD-Sling Attach, the Enhanced Release Button, the Case Deflector and the M1 Receiver Rail.

The Anti-Rotation QD-Sling Attach solves two problems that often occur when using the original AUG rear sling/sub-assembly retaining bolt in challenging environments. The first is the QD cup accepts a standard QD Sling Swivel (not included), which allows instantaneous sling detachment during disassembly or cleaning. Second, the optional anti-rotation feature eliminates the retaining bolt’s freedom to rotate, which can cause the sling to become twisted after repeatedly slinging and unslinging the rifle. The Anti-Rotation QD-Sling Attach has a suggested retail of $75.00.

The Enhanced Release Button is wider than the original and can make magazine changes faster and more reliable, especially under stress of competition or in wet or cold environments. The Enhanced Release Button has a unique butterfly design and a suggested retail price of $89.00.

The Case Deflector ejects cases forward or to the side, thus making it ideal to shoot in every position and from either shoulder without any additional modifications. The rifle can be used by a right- or left-handed shooter without swapping bolts and changing the ejection port cover. Installation requires no modification to the stock, as the two-piece Case Deflector is simply inserted into the ejection port and tightened with two screws. It has a suggested retail of $125.00.

The M1 Receiver Rail was designed for the newest version of the AUG A3, the M1. This rail offers a long, solid mounting solution for the attachment of optical aiming devices, iron sights, laser designators and other accessories. Unlike the AR-15 receiver and handguard rails, the Corvus Defensio M1 Receiver Rail is solid from front to rear.  And unlike the original Steyr AUG A3 rail, the Corvus Defensio M1 Receiver Rail reaches almost to the ejection port, making it easier to use short-eye-relief optics. It is equipped with one QD-Sling Swivel attachment point on each side of the rail and an interface to directly mount ACOG riflescopes. The M1 Receiver Rail has a suggested retail price of $179.00.

For AUG fans, these accessories are must-haves. These four items are currently available at the site regularly, as new AUG accessories are added to the inventory.

Established in 1864, Steyr Mannlicher, GmbH, is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious firearms manufacturers. Steyr’s comprehensive lines of premium hunting rifles and precision sporting and tactical firearms are technically mature, and their subtle elegance also communicates the harmony between appearance and substance. Steyr’s legendary SBS actions and cold-hammer-forged barrels are distinctive and unparalleled. Steyr Arms is the subsidiary headquarters of Steyr Mannlicher in the U.S., and it is also the exclusive importer for Merkel firearms, JAGDHUND and X JAGD apparel. For more information, contact Steyr Arms at 2530 Morgan Rd., Bessemer, AL 35022; call (205) 417-8644; or visit

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