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Outdoor Edge RazorPro Wins Outdoor Life Editor’s Choice Award

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DENVER (Feb. 25, 2019) — In its recent test of knives, Outdoor Life has bestowed the Outdoor Edge® RazorPro with its coveted Editor’s Choice Award for the Replaceable Blade Knife category. The results are included in a feature in the February issue of Outdoor Life that is currently on newsstands, as well as online here.

For the test, the editors at Outdoor Life “gathered an array of folders, fixed blades, and replaceable blades from well-known knife makers to see how they stacked up against a battery of objective and subjective tests, with the goal of discovering which of these knives deserve to tag along on your next adventure.”

According to the author of the article, the RazorPro excelled in all tests and surpassed other blades being tested. “Departing from the scalpel design of most replaceable-blade knives, the Outdoor Edge RazorPro has a blade insert shaped more like a traditional hunting drop-point and the frame supports both sides of the insert. The patented system uses proprietary blades with a holding mechanism that does not interfere much with the cutting edge. In other words, you get more edge out of this knife. It has the easiest quick-change system in the test: Simply push a button on the handle, remove the blade, and reinstall a new one. A blaze-orange handle houses the blade and lock-back mechanism. Replaceable-blade knives usually aren’t durable, but the more conventional shape and extra support of the RazorPro’s inserts make it a much more solid and versatile tool. It’s the replaceable-blade knife you want when you’ve got a big critter down and the sun is setting.”

In the Accessory Blade category, the Outdoor Edge Zip Pro also got an excellent review. “The blade on the Zip Pro has a dull tip and curved cutting edge made for slipping under an animal’s hide while gutting or skinning. This lets the blade cut from the inside out without puncturing what’s underneath, all while keeping hair out of the cutting area. The Zip Pro has a conventional-looking frame-lock handle, but the blade rotates out from the top, orienting the edge up in relation to the handle. This is so you can grip the knife handle as you normally would while using the blade to make cuts with an up-and-away motion. The frame lock is blackened stainless steel, while the other side is blaze-orange G10. It weighs just over 3 ounces, making it an easy tool to stow in a pack. It would be an ideal knife for teaching inexperienced hunters the basics of gutting.”

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