Hunter Safety System Introduces New and Improved LIFELINE™

DANVILLE, Ala. (Jan. 28, 2015) — Hunter Safety System continues to set the standard in hunter safety products with the introduction of its new HSS-LIFELINE. Incorporating a woven-in reflective strip that makes locating a treestand in the dark as simple and quick as pressing a flashlight switch, the LIFELINE also houses its Recon Carabiner in a new sound-dampening Cow Bell Cover for absolute stealth while climbing and hunting.

Statistics prove that 86 percent of all treestand accidents occur while climbing in and out of the treestand, and when properly used in conjunction with safety harnesses approved to TMA standards, the HSS-LIFELINE is the most critical piece of equipment to prevent those accidents. With the LIFELINE, the hunter stays attached to the tree from the moment feet leave the ground until they safely return.

An exclusive feature on the new LIFELINE is the Cow Bell Cover that prevents the carabiner from clanging against the ladder or stand. The Cow Bell Cover is made of soft yet durable silicone, and it completely conceals the carabiner after hooking up the harness tether. Also new to the LIFELINE is a reflective strip incorporated into the rope. When hit with the light from a flashlight, the LIFELINE lights up, making the stand much easier to find in the dark, but it remains virtually invisible during the day.

The HSS-LIFELINE completely protects the treestand hunter from the risk of life threatening injury when getting into and out of the stand and is hands down the simplest, safest way to stay attached to the tree from the ground to the stand, during the hunt and back again. The LIFELINE accommodates stands up to 30 feet high, and the Recon Carabineer is rated at 3,500 pounds.

While the quality and value have increased, the price has not. The suggested retail price for a single LIFELINE is $39.95, and a three-pack is $99.95. The new HSS-LIFELINE will be available at all major sporting retailers and online at this spring.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Danville, Ala., Hunter Safety System is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative deer hunting gear and hunting equipment for the serious hunter. For additional information, write to: The Hunter Safety System, 8237 Danville Road, Danville, AL 35619; call toll-free 877-296-3528; or visit

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