GPO-Sponsored Archer Jamie Van Natta Takes Gold at Archery World Cup in China

RICHMOND, Va. (May 30, 2019) — German Precision Optics (GPO) USA-sponsored archery shooter Jamie Van Natta was part of the USA Women’s Compound Team at the Archery World Cup in Shanghai, China, which won gold in the team event May 11. Van Natta joined teammates Sophia Strachan and Alexis Ruiz at the top of the podium after a tense tiebreak finish against the powerhouse Korean team.

The World Cup brings the best of the best from around the globe to compete in a fast-and-furious match play made up of four ends. Each end is two minutes, with each team member shooting two arrows. The USA Women’s team’s first match was against China in the quarterfinals, and the second match was against Chinese Taipei in the semifinals. Both matches were won by eight points and three points, respectively, putting them into the gold medal match on the Finals day.

In the final match, Team USA was pitted against Korea, a team that is becoming very strong in the compound competition. The competition was neck and neck. Coming to the end, Team USA needed the last arrow to hit on the 10 to tie. It did. Play moved to tiebreak where each team member had to shoot one arrow in a time limit of one minute. The tiebreak initially could not be decided by total score, as both teams appeared to have shot a 29, so judges began checking which arrow was closest to the center. It was clear that the Korean team’s arrow was closer to the center, and the Koreans began to celebrate. But the celebration was cut short when a judge realized that Ruiz’s low arrow actually broke the 10-ring, upgrading the team’s total to 30.

Van Natta, Ruiz and Strachan proudly stood on the podium wearing their gold medals as the National Anthem filled the park.

GPO USA owner and CEO Mike Jensen said, “If Jamie’s shot was breaking the line, I am sure she had an idea it had broken it, and I am sure she had a good idea that her unofficially declared nine was actually a ten from back behind the line. This is a great time for American archers, and I raise a toast to Jamie and the Women’s USA Compound Team for an amazing and breathtaking win.”

Van Natta uses the GPO Passion 10×42 ED binoculars.

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Photo Caption: Jamie Van Natta (right) and teammates Alexis Ruiz (left) and Sophia Strachan of the USA Women’s Compound Team stand atop the podium with their gold medals at the Archery World Cup in Shanghai, China, May 11.