Spectre Broadheads Introduces Magnetic-Blade-Retention Technology

BROOKVILLE, Pa. (June 25, 2019) — For decades, broadhead engineers have come up with many different gadgets—from O-rings, to plastic collars and even rubber bands—to retain the blades of mechanical broadheads, but those items are often the cause of failure, either in flight or upon impact. The new Spectre Broadhead solves the problem through magnetism. Spectre’s patent-pending, revolutionary magnetic-blade technology holds the blades closed throughout arrow flight, but upon impact, the blades are guaranteed to open instantly for a failureproof deployment that results in massive entry and exit wounds.

The Spectre Broadhead was designed to fly like a field point, and it features a strong, aerodynamic, machined 7075-aluminum ferrule with a hardened-carbon-steel four-face chisel tip that provides extremely reliable penetration through hide, flesh and bone. The Spectre Broadhead has thickest, strongest blades of any expandable broadhead on the market. The pair of 0.047-inch-thick razor-sharp, swept-back blades are magnetized to hold them together until the moment of impact, when they reliably deploy to cut a path of destruction. The chisel tip and blades have a gold Cerakote finish for lubricity and wear resistance.

The new Spectre Broadhead is available in two versions—a 100-grain with a 2-inch cutting diameter, and a 125-grain version that boasts an impressive 2.25-inch cutting diameter. Each three-pack of broadheads comes with a practice head and an extra set of sharp blades, ultimately providing four broadheads for the price of three. Spectre Broadheads will be available in July and have a suggested retail price of $44.99.

Spectre Broadheads is a Viper Archery Products brand. Located at 494 Service Center Rd. Brookville, PA., Viper Archery Products has been proudly manufacturing top-quality U.S.-made archery sights and accessories for 15 years. For more information on Viper Archery or Spectre Broadheads, visit www.viperarchery.com

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