Southern Whitetail Hunting at Its Finest at Cuffawa Creek Outfitters

Holly Springs, Miss. (June 21, 2021) — It’s no secret that southern whitetails are some of the stealthiest, sneakiest deer in America. That’s why those who hunt tightly-managed private lands have a much greater chance of success than those who hunt properties hammered by hordes of hunters. In the entire south, few whitetail hunting locations offer the combination of prime undisturbed deer habitat, tightly-controlled hunter numbers, and quality service as that found at northern Mississippi’s Cuffawa Creek Outfitters.

Located outside historic Holly Springs, Mississippi — just 45 minutes from the Memphis International Airport — Cuffawa Creek Outfitters is a 4,000-acre family-owned farm that has been in continuous operation since the early 1900’s. For the past 30 years it has been intensely managed for whitetail deer and turkey hunting, boasting a maze of hardwood and pine stands stretched along the edges of large, rolling agricultural fields split by multiple creek beds. Each hunting area is designed for optimum viewing, with multiple unobstructed shooting lanes. It offers an abundance of whitetail hunting opportunities throughout the season, whether your goal is to take a trophy-class buck or fill the freezer with delicious does.

There are multiple raised shooting house-type blinds that can hunt two people comfortably together, each located in a prime deer area. The blinds are handicap accessible and accommodate hunters of all ages.  Transportation to and from the blind is provided, and each blind will have a heater, snacks, and a box lunch if an all-day sit is requested. Any legal form of deer hunting, including rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, bow, and crossbow, is permitted within the seasons specified by the state. Hunters are housed at a comfortable bed & breakfast a short drive from the property in town (included in the hunt price) and are responsible for their own meals. Once you harvest a deer it is brought back to the outfitter’s to be skinned and gutted. From there hunters can either bone it out for transport home, or there are local meat processors that provide a great selection of cuts, sausages and jerky. Hunt cost is $350/day, plus applicable hunting license and tags.

In Mississippi’s northeast zone, where Cuffawa Creek Outfitters is located, the state bag limit is one buck/day, three bucks/season, with a minimum inside spread of 10-inches or a main beam of at least 13-inches in length, and five antlerless deer per season, with no daily restrictions on private land. Archery season runs October 1-November 20, primitive weapons season December 2-15, gun season without dogs December 16-23, youth season (ages 15 years and under) November 7-20, and again November 21-January 31. There’s also a combined archery/primitive weapon season January 21-31. Hunters born after January 1, 1972, must show completion of an accredited hunter safety course to obtain a hunting license. A 3- or 7-day nonresident All Game Hunting License costs $125, and a $5 Deer Permit is also required. Nonresidents hunting with archery equipment/primitive weapons/crossbows during those special seasons must also purchase an additional $75 permit. License information can be found at

Cuffawa Creek Outfitters is a throwback to earlier times, when southern hospitality and intensely managed lands combined to produce a relaxing, old school hunting experience with high odds for success. Why not come make memories with us this fall? For more information, visit

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