“A Day in the Brooks” Chronicles Epic Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt


KINNEAR, Wyo.(July 14, 2021) — Growing up in Wyoming, Recreational Archery Development LLC (RAD LLC) founder David Merrill had a deep love and appreciation of all things outdoors instilled in him by his father, who had the same love instilled in him by his own father. “A Day in the Brooks,” a Bow Spider film, is a 44-minute film that chronicles the pair’s 2021 Alaskan Dall sheep hunting adventure. And what an adventure it is.

The YouTube film will draw you into an epic backpack hunt for a majestic Dall sheep ram in Alaska’s Brooks Range. David and his dad hike and climb dozens of miles, gain and lose thousands of feet in elevation, glass for days, nearly run out of food, and experience the ups and downs, sore feet and little sleep, the highs and lows that all sheep hunters experience. It comes down to the end of the 10-day hunt just before the pair will be out of food and forced to head back down the mountain. Finally glassing a full curl ram 2 ½ miles away as the crow flies, they take two days before managing to stalk within 420 yards of the bedded monarch. The plan was to try and harvest a ram with a bow but, failing that, if the opportunity for a rifle shot presented itself, David’s dad would take the shot. The result is a beautiful last-day 9 ½-year old full curl ram – and a lifetime of unforgettable memories made in one of the most magnificent places on earth. It was the pair’s third Dall sheep hunt, and first ram for the 65-year-old father. They were 11 miles – and a couple thousand feet in elevation gain – from the truck when success found them.

It’s an inspiring story, so why not come along and enjoy the show? You can watch it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToupjFradQ0 or CLICK HERE.

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