Stryk Pay Proudly Announces Partnership with Polymer80 Inc.

BOZEMAN, Mont.(July 13, 2021) — Stryk Pay has announced a credit card processing partnership with Polymer80, Inc., the Dayton, NV-based company that designs and develops innovative firearms and after-market accessories that enable its customers to participate in the firearms build process. The partnership is effective immediately.

Polymer80, Inc. offers its customers a wide array of build components, from 80 percent pistol frame kits, AR parts & magazines, pistol barrels, slides, pistol parts kits, P80 handgun sights, pistol magwells, holsters, and more, as well as completed PF-Series handguns. “Stryk Pay is an easy and convenient option,” said David Borges, CEO of Polymer80, Inc. “They are a company offering a safe credit card processing solution for any outdoor sporting goods retailer with a particular specialty for firearms and firearms component manufacturing, without the fear of service turn-down based on the type of products being sold.

“Our company designs and develops innovative firearms and after-market accessories that provide ways for its customers to participate in the firearms build process, while expressing their right to bear arms,” Borges continued. “This provides a fun learning experience and a greater sense of pride in their completed firearm, strengthening our brand loyalty. We summarize this with our motto of ‘Engage Your Freedom.’” 

“Polymer80, Inc. is a solid, professionally-run firearms-related company that fits perfectly into the Stryk Pay wheelhouse,” said Chase Wheeler, director of merchant sales Stryk Pay. “We are looking forward to serving them for many years to come.”

Stryk Pay was created by Stryk Group USA — the Bozeman, Montana-based impact consulting company serving several leading hunting, fishing, and firearms brands – as a solution to current discriminatory business practices. It’s staffed from top to bottom with people who are endemic shooters, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts with experience in everything from running firearms companies and retail operations for firearms brands to high-risk credit card processing for e-commerce, wholesale and retail companies. More information about Stryk Pay can be found at Information on Stryk Group USA can be found at More information about Polymer80, Inc. is available at

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