Follow German Precision Optics in “The Rookie” Series



Follow German Precision Optics in “The Rookie” Series

RICHMOND, Va.(January 25, 2022) — German Precision Optics (GPO, USA), together with fellow sponsor Mossberg, has proudly partnered with The Hunting Wire and National Deer Association in the quest to identify new hunters, take them afield, and tell their story from their point of view in the exclusive “The Rookie” series. “We organized hunts in different regions of the U.S. from the woods of New York to the fallow farm fields of Michigan, to Kansas cornfields, and along Virginia’s Blue Ridge skylines,” said Mike Jensen, GPO USA owner and CEO. “We hope you’ll learn from these profiles, but ultimately, we hope you’ll be inspired to identify and mentor a new hunter yourself next season.”

All rookie hunters and their mentors will be using the appropriate GPO riflescope and binocular for the species and area that they are hunting, as well as one of GPO’s award-winning RANGEGUIDE laser rangefinders to accurately range their target.

“I was fortunate to have a brother get me into hunting, but many kids aren’t so lucky,” said Mike Jensen. “Without this type of hands-on mentoring, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to recruit the number of new hunters into the fold that we need to keep our way of life going strong. Every company in our industry needs to step it up and support this, and similar programs going forward.”  

The accounts of each new hunters’ experiences will be shared on the Hunting Wire. Be sure to follow at or Click Here


German Precision Optics was founded on the premise that design, engineering and quality management is 100 percent controlled in Germany to its strictest standards, yet products can be produced at some of the largest production facilities around the world. This unique corporate structure allows GPO to offer the highest quality products with better features at a significantly better price. The company is 100-percent confident that all of its products will not only function perfectly but will exceed all expectations. Therefore, GPO, USA has created an industry-leading Spectacular Lifetime Warranty™. With outstanding professional service, GPO USA will take care of its products before, during, and after the purchase at no charge—EVER. Founded in 2016, GPO has its US headquarters in Richmond, VA. For more information on GPO US visit or call 844-MY BINOS (844-692-4667.)

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