Prepare for the Summer with Hi Mountain Seasonings New Chicken Wing Bundle


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Prepare for the Summer with Hi Mountain Seasonings New Chicken Wing Bundle

RIVERTON, Wyo. (July 25, 2022) — Hot wings have undoubtably become one of America’s favorite foods. They come in all sorts of sizes and sauces – with big meaty wings  or small crispy wings. They can be the traditional Buffalo hot wings, or a variety of different flavors inspired by different cultures and spices. To accommodate this ever-growing craze, Hi Mountain Seasonings is introducing its new Chicken Wing Bundle.

This new bundle, featuring Hi Mountain Seasonings Game Bird & Poultry Brine, Bleu Cheese dip, Sweet Honey Marinade, Buffalo Wings Marinade, Western Style Trail Dust, Cajun Cowboy and Pineapple Sriracha Bacon Seasoning, is perfect for preparing a variety of great wings any time. Whether you want to fry, grill, bake or smoke your wings, these great seasonings and dips will provide a creative and tasty twist to your wings.

Wings are the perfect party pleaser, appetizer, or meal and with the Hi Mountain Seasonings Chicken Wing Bundle, making the perfect wing requires very little preparation. For the Western Style seasonings merely brush the wings with some olive oil and season to taste and then fry, grill, bake or smoke until they reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees. Serve with the Hi Mountain Seasonings Bleu Cheese Dip that is part of this Bundle or go on the Hi Mountain Seasonings website to view a variety of other dips that are perfect for wings.

The new Chicken Wing Bundle has everything you need for parties, small gatherings and last-minute guests. Fast and easy to prepare – and extra-ordinarily delicious – the Chicken Wing Bundle includes everything you’ll need to be prepared for entertaining an intimate group or a large crowd. At a 20 percent savings, it has a suggested retail price of $32.39.  Individual items can be purchased for a suggested retail price of $3.99 -$9.99. For more information on the Hi Mountain Seasonings Chicken Wing Bundle Click Here.

Hi Mountain Seasonings, offers several great bundles, products and recipes that will make your entertaining and cooking so much easier. Their many products also make great gifts! Be sure to visit for a worry-free summer BBQ season.

Hi Mountain’s entire line of products, cooking tips, instructional videos and recipes are also available at Hi Mountain products also can be found at high-end sporting-goods stores, farm-and-ranch stores and many local grocery stores.

Located in the heart of Wyoming, Hi Mountain Seasonings was founded in 1991. It is the premier manufacturer of kits for homemade jerky and sausage. Hi Mountain Seasonings has successfully captured distinct, traditional Western flavors in its jerky cure & seasonings, Western-style seasonings, bacon cures and other products that make up the unique line of gourmet Western seasonings. For additional information, write: Hi Mountain Seasonings, 1000 College View Drive, Riverton, WY 82501; call toll-free 1(800) 829-2285; or visit the company website at

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