The Key to Finishing AG Composites Best-in-Class Rifle Stocks


Attention to Detail: The Key to Finishing AG Composites 

Best-in-Class Rifle Stocks

OWENS CROSS ROADS, Ala. (July 18, 2022) — The most successful college basketball coach of all time, UCLA’s John Wooden, once said, “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” Such is the philosophy of AG Composites’ highly skilled Stock Finisher, Blake Williams. An extremely difficult job that requires painstaking attention to detail, former U.S. Marine Williams has taken the position to a whole new level.

“My job as the Finish Technician makes me responsible for preparing rifle stocks to be painted and/or camouflaged,” Williams said. “It’s a job that requires a high level of attention to detail. By using a variety of hand tools and approved filler materials, I first look at each stock we produce to identify any blemishes or cosmetic defects. My goal is to repair the defect in a way that it will not be visible and cannot be felt when the stock is completed. The finished stock is then inspected by the quality control team, who will either pass or fail it. Should it fail, the technician and I will address the issues, fix them and turn it back in to be inspected again.”

Williams has been with AG Composites for four years. “I love working here,” Williams said. “We have a great team that is dedicated to making the best quality stocks in the business. The owners take great care of the employees and the company itself.”

Williams has been a shooter since early childhood when he got his first .22. and became a much more avid firearm enthusiast while in the Marines. He became familiar with AG Composites through a fellow Marine when he was working for a local moving company and doing some firearm refinishing and custom work on the side. 

“I have always believed in hiring great people then giving them the freedom to do their job without micromanaging them,” said AG Composites owner Matt Tandy. “Blake is a huge asset to  AG Composites. He is dedicated to his work, takes time during his day to teach employees, and is always thinking of ways to improve our product and process. While doing all this, he has fun and is a source of motivation. We are truly glad he is part of the AG team.”

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About AG CompositesAG Composites is a veteran-owned company that designs and manufactures advanced composite products in Owens Cross Roads, Ala. The company uses modern design software to create Computer Aided Design (CAD) models and the highest quality carbon fiber, epoxy and paint to make its line of rifle stocks. Every stock is tested with the action, bottom metal and barrel hardware before it ships to the customer. The company is known for delivering its products in weeks, not months. AG Composites’ mission is to be the most responsive reliable and supportive supplier in the advanced composites industry. The company can be reached at 1-833-AGSTOCK, [email protected] or

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