Hi Mountain Seasonings Makes Preparing Bear Backstraps Simple – and Delicious


Riverton, WY (April 3, 2023 ) — Author Jen Selinsky once wrote, “The promise of spring’s arrival is enough to get anyone through the bitter winter!” During winter’s dark months, a hunter’s thoughts turn to spring – and for many, that means black bear hunting. Harvesting a black bear means more than just a cool rug. When properly cared for in the field – you field dress and care for the meat just as if it were any treasured deer, elk, or other big game animal — and prepared with care at home, bear meat is both delicious and good for you. In general, bear meat has a taste similar to venison, though it is often a little sweeter tasting than meat from ungulates. It has a dark red color, and in terms of texture, it’s close to pork, though with a slightly coarser grain.

And just like a deer, elk, or wild boar, one of the tastiest cuts of black bear is the backstrap. One of the best ways to prepare a black bear backstrap is to smoke it using the new Smoked Bear Loin Roast recipe featuring Hi Mountain Rib Rub from Hi Mountain Seasonings. Made from a delicious blend of paprika, dehydrated garlic, salt, dehydrated onion, honey granules (refinery syrup, honey), black pepper, mustard, cayenne pepper, and soybean oil, Hi Mountain Rib Rub adds a robust flavor to your bear loin that makes it stand out from more traditional preparation methods.

The process is simple. All you need is one trimmed black bear backstrap, one can of coffee-flavored beer, Hi Mountain Rib Rub, salt, fresh ground coffee, ½ cup maple syrup  — and your smoker or pellet grill. Make sure to trim any fat from the backstrap, then place it in a nonporous container, add the coffee beer, and marinate it in the refrigerator for a couple hours. Remove, pat dry with paper towel, and apply salt to taste on all sides of the roast along with a liberal amount of Hi Mountain Seasonings Rib Rub and coffee grinds on all sides as well. Place it in a nonporous container and place in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Remove from the refrigerator and let it sit at room temperature for about an hour. While you’re doing that, preheat the smoker or the smoker pellet grill to 250 degrees. Place the bear meat in the smoker/pellet grill. During the smoking process glaze the roast with some maple syrup on both sides of the roast. Smoke it until the internal temperature of the roast hits160º F. Slice it thin and enjoy!

The suggested retail price for a 10 oz. shaker bottle of the Hi Mountain Seasonings Rib Rub is $10.99. It can be purchased at grocery stores and outdoor retailers nationwide or conveniently online at www.himtnjerky.com. This is just one of dozens of free delicious wild game recipes and an amazing amount of different spices, rubs, seasonings, sausage and jerky kits, and so much more found on the Hi Mountain Seasonings website, www.himtnjerky.com.

About Hi Mountain Seasonings: Located in the heart of Wyoming, Hi Mountain Seasonings was founded in 1991 and is America’s premier manufacturer of kits for homemade jerky and sausage. Hi Mountain Seasonings has successfully captured distinct, traditional Western flavors in its jerky cure & seasonings; Western-style seasonings; bacon cures; snackin’ stick kits, dressings & dips; and much, much more. The company also offers field dressing and prep and cooking tools. For additional information, write: Hi Mountain Seasonings, 1000 College View Drive, Riverton, WY 82501; call toll-free 1-800-829-2285; or visit the company website at www.himtnjerky.com.

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