GPO USA Announces Summer Savings Rebate on All ED Binoculars


GPO USA Announces Summer Savings Rebate on All ED Binoculars

RICHMOND, Va. (May 1, 2023) — GPO USA is pleased to announce the launch of its Summer Savings rebate program. Kicking off on May 1st  and running through July 31, 2023, outdoor enthusiasts have the opportunity to purchase one of GPO’s popular ED binoculars and get $100 of their hard-earned cash back.

This popular line of binoculars is available in four sizes, 8×32, 8×42, 10×32 and 10×42, and in four rich colors of Deep Green, Desert Sand , Dark Brown Earth and Black. With its unique magnesium micro-bridge and body, the ED binoculars are compact and ultra-lightweight yet incredibly durable. They feature premium ED objective lenses, high-transmission GPObrightÔ lens coating technology and they are fog proof and waterproof. The cutting-edge field of view afforded on this line of binoculars makes them ideal for a variety of glassing situations. They are popular among all outdoor enthusiasts and some of the best-selling items in the GPO portfolio.

In order to take advantage of this great GPO savings opportunity consumers simply need to purchase one of the GPO ED binoculars through an authorized dealer or conveniently online at before the end of July, 2023, complete the rebate certificate available online at and either take a picture of the purchase receipt and the completed redemption form and email both photos to [email protected] and insert “$100 VISA Gift Card” in the subject line or mail the redemption form along with the original copy of the sales receipt to: GPO USA Rebates, 711 Moorefield Park Drive, Ste C, North Chesterfield, VA 23236 or CLICK HERE and follow the instructions. Mail must be postmarked by September 30,2023 to be eligible for the rebate. A VISAâ gift card will be received from GPO in four to six weeks.

Enjoy the rest of the summer with this sizzling savings from GPO. Good until the end of July, you clearly don’t want to miss this opportunity to own one of GPO’s best binoculars and save some of your hard earned money at the same time.


GPO USA, an American company, was founded on the premise that design, engineering, and quality control can be 100 percent conducted in Germany to its strictest standards, yet products can be assembled at some of the largest production facilities around the world. This unique production process allows GPO to offer the highest quality products with better features at a significantly better price. GPO USA is confident that its products will not only function perfectly but will always exceed its customer expectations. Therefore, GPO USA has created an industry-leading Spectacular Lifetime Warranty™. With outstanding professional service, GPO USA will take care of its products before, during, and after the purchase at no charge—EVER. Founded in 2016, GPO USA is headquartered in Richmond, Va. For more information on GPO USA visit or call 844-MY BINOS (844-692-4667.)

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