Angled Spade Technologies Partners with Hunter Outdoor Communications


SUFFIELD, Conn.(Sept. 13, 2023)  Angled Spade Technologies, a strategic product engineering and development company, has announced that Hunter Outdoor Communications has been named as its agency of record. This announcement comes after a careful review process and is effective immediately. 

“HOC and Karen Lutto bring a strong understanding of the outdoor and firearm markets and clearly showcased the ability and passion to deliver on a broad range of innovative and creative solutions that will assist Angled Spade in achieving and exceeding our goals in the coming years,” said partner Mike Bush. “We are excited for this new partnership and are confident that together we will collaborate to bring Angled Spade Technologies and its products to the forefront of the industry in a very timely manner.”

Hunter Outdoor Communications will lead worldwide media and public relations and influencer marketing on behalf of Angled Spade Technologies.

About Angled Spade Technologies: Our mission is to revolutionize the world through critical thinking, strategic development, and practical applications in industries that align with our passions. We are driven by the belief that first, R&D does not mean Rip-off and Duplicate and second, true progress stems from unlocking the full potential of human creativity and ingenuity. Our name, “Angled Spade,” is a summary of our mission. A pike or “spade” denotes the tip of the spear, which is the forward most component in the charge to battle, while “angle” denotes accuracy and precision. The connotation is that we accurately and precisely lead the way. The company is headquartered in Suffield, CT. All products are 100 percent designed and made in the USA.

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