New Patent Pending AST Fire Control Upgrade Kits for Sig Sauer® P320®


SUFFIELD, Conn. (Sept. 14, 2023) In an industry driven by passion and a fervent desire for safety and unbridled performance, Angled Spade Technologies (AST) is proud to unveil its groundbreaking product, The AST P320® Fire Control Upgrade Kit. There have long been questions surrounding unintended discharges experienced by users of the Sig Sauer® P320®, manual and non-manual safety handguns. As such, the AST P320® Fire Control Upgrade Kits, one for standard models and one for models with an external manual safety, are set to dramatically increase safety for owners of Sig Sauer® P320® handguns. Both versions are currently patent pending.

The Sig Sauer® P320® has carved out a meaningful market share amongst the civilian, military, and law enforcement communities. Unfortunately, the P320® has exposed an element of risk for its users due to documented unintended discharges, i.e., firing without the user directly interacting with the trigger. AST has developed these upgrades out of great concern for these communities with a mission to create a safer firearm that is more dependable and increases user confidence.

The AST P320® Fire Control Upgrade Kits were developed by Angled Spade’s focused team of engineers, whom have many years of dedicated, innovatively disruptive, and respected product R&D experience within the firearms industry. This collective experience was the catalyst for recognizing and addressing the safety concerns of the unintended discharges that have been reported with Sig Sauer® P320® products since 2014. Ultimately, the AST P320® Fire Control Upgrade Kits set a new standard for safety, reliability, and passion for doing the right thing for P320® owners.

Key Features and Advancements:

  • Getting to the heart-of-the-matter: The AST P320® Fire Control Upgrade Kits completely control the sear in all models of the P320® handgun line. The design of the P320® features a fully loaded striker spring anytime the slide is closed. Not having direct mechanical control of the sear creates a potential for the sear to release the striker without movement of the trigger. The sear is the key component contained within the Fire Control Unit.
  • Unmatched Safety: The AST P320® Fire Control Upgrade Kit is an engineered solution to what we believe is a real problem. Following numerous documented unintended discharges in fielded P320® pistols, a revised sear with a secondary catch was introduced to stop forward motion of the striker after the system had already failed. However, any proposed solution will fall short without incorporating mechanical control of the key component contained within the Fire Control Unit….the sear. With either of the AST P320® Fire Control Upgrade Kits, movement of the sear is positively controlled, exponentially increasing the safety for users and bystanders.
  • Price Conscious: Being focused on safety over profits, Angled Spade Technologies is committed to keeping the price as low as feasible so this upgrade will be affordable for all P320® users.
  • Installation: Options will be addressed at the time of product release.
  • Visual and Functional Consistencies: With the AST P320® Fire Control Upgrade Kit(s) installed, the look, feel, and function of the Sig Sauer® P320® will remain the same while the safety of the pistol will be greatly enhanced.

Mike Bush, engineer, and partner at Angled Spade Technologies, expresses his excitement about the product, saying, “At Angled Spade Technologies, we are relentless and boldly unapologetic in our pursuit for safety in every product we create. We are highly passionate about our industry, our consumers, and protecting our fellow Americans. We also recognize the relevance of the Sig Sauer® P320® as a product worthy of being improved as it has been a viable choice both for citizens exercising their Constitutional rights and for those sworn to protect and serve. Without addressing a well-known problem such as documented unintended discharges, the opponents of the 2nd Amendment have something else to sink their teeth into and who better to protect such an American right than true Americans? The endeavor that Angled Spade Technologies has chosen to pursue represents our commitment to push the boundaries of innovation and to deliver exceptional safety and value to our customers without being sorry about it.”

The AST P320® Fire Control Upgrade Kits will be available for purchase in early 2024. To stay informed, please visit to sign up for our newsletter or contact [email protected]

About Angled Spade Technologies: Our mission is to revolutionize the world through critical thinking, strategic development, and practical applications in industries that align with our passions. We are driven by the belief that first, R&D does not mean Rip-off and Duplicate and second, true progress stems from unlocking the full potential of human creativity and ingenuity. Our name, “Angled Spade,” is a summary of our mission. A pike or “spade” denotes the tip of the spear, which is the forward most component in the charge to battle, while “angle” denotes accuracy and precision. The connotation is that we accurately and precisely lead the way. The company is headquartered in Suffield, CT. All products are 100 percent designed and made in the USA.

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