Fall Fishing Begins with Al’s Goldfish Fishing Lures



Fall Fishing Begins with Al’s Goldfish Fishing Lures

GREEN BAY, Wis. (Oct. 16, 2023) — As the seasons transition from summer to fall, freshwater fish like trout, bass, and panfish begin to feed heavily prior to the coming slowdown in their metabolism that cooler water temperatures bring. Nothing helps a serious angler take advantage of this “fall feed,” as it’s known to hardcore bass and trout fishermen, like a selection of proven fish-catching lures from Al’s Goldfish Lure Company.

In lakes and reservoirs, baitfish school up this time of year, and the largemouth bass are on them. After using your electronics to find these baitfish schools in open water, try vertically jigging an Al’s original Goldfish, or casting and retrieving it in an erratic manner through the baitfish school; it’s sure to trigger some serious action. When the baitfish school up near underwater structure or in the shallows, a shiny lure like the Al’s Forty Niner is another deadly choice for both bass and panfish, including crappie and yellow perch.

Serious trout fishermen love the fall, when the fish have bulked up after a summer of eating heartily and can be quite aggressive before water temperatures drop precipitously. Al’s Water Witch is a dynamite choice for casting and retrieving. Trollers will find the company’s Forty Niner Trolling Kit, and Dad’s Large Lake Troll set in either nickel or gold, the ideal rig for targeting open-water trout.

In addition to these deadly options, Al’s Goldfish Lure Co. makes and markets so much more for year-round fishing success, including ice fishing jigs, Seabago trolling rigs, bottom jigging rigs, spoons, and accessories. For a complete look at Al’s Goldfish Lure Company’s entire line, visit www.alsgoldfish.com, or give them a call at (920) 216-3214.

About Al’s Goldfish Lure Company

The company was launched in 1952 with a single pioneering spoon lure, known as Stuart’s Goldfish, named after founder Al Stuart. The company’s flagship lure was renamed Al’s Goldfish in 1954, and by 1973 the popularity of the Goldfish lure soared to nearly one million lures sold in a year. Along the way, other popular lures, such as the Forty-Niner and Helgy, and hook bonnet lure accessories were added to the company’s list of American-made products. In 2015 the line was expanded to include the Saltwater Goldfish series. In 2022, the company celebrated the 70-year anniversary of the Goldfish lure. For more information on Al’s Goldfish Lure Company visit www.alsgoldfish.com.

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