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New Rangefinding Binoculars from German Precision Optics (GPO) Set a New Standard

RICHMOND, Va. (Jan. 17, 2024) — In its continued effort to provide its customers with cutting-edge products, German Precision Optics once again sets the standard in precision rangefinding binoculars with the expansion of the popular RANGEGUIDE lineup, the new RANGEGUIDE™ 8×40 and RANGEGUIDE™ 10×40. Measuring just 5.6 inches tall and weighing a scant 25 and 26 ounces, respectively, these new rangefinding binoculars are the smallest and most compact premium mid-sized products in the industry, only slightly larger than the RANGEGUIDE 8×32 and 10×32. These new RANGEGUIDEs now complete the company’s rangefinding binocular lineup that includes an 8×32, 10×32, 8×40, 10×40, 8×50, and 10×50, which is the industry’s best brand lineup in this category.

Like all the GPO RANGEGUIDEs, the new 40s feature a magnesium frame that decreases the weight and increases the strength of the product. The eye-safe Class 1 laser produces a lightning-fast 0.25-second response time that has been enhanced to reach targets up to 3500 yards and has true-range angle technology that calculates the proper distance to the target after measuring the angle to the target, giving you a precise inclination/declination compensation reading. Scan mode provides three readings per second via its red OLED display that offers nine adjustable brightness levels and operates with manual or automatic brightness functionality. And for those who are also long-range rifle shooters, the RANGEGUIDE 40s measure ambient temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius, humidity, and air pressure to assist with long-range shot placement. The display provides the line-of-sight distance and the user’s adjusted distance, angle, or temperature choice.

Coupled with the GPObright™ high-transmission lens coatings, the new RANGEGUIDE’s double-HD laminated 40mm objective lenses are exceptionally beneficial for transmitting light in the twilight hours. These premium lenses maximize the optical image’s brightness, sharpness, and resolution, something not typical in a rangefinding binocular. The spacious field of view is 375’ and 330’ (8×40 or 10×40) at 1,000 yards, and eye relief is 18mm and 16mm respectively. The new RANGEGUIDE 40s also features a diopter focus and red display focus adjustments on both the left and right sides of the ocular tube and utilizes GPO’s premium cut-brass-geared focus-wheel system for a tight, consistent turning radius without any center focus wheel free play. The entire body is protected with an armor coating that makes it tough enough to use in any environment. 

“Binoculars with 40mm objective lenses have long been the most popular size for hunters worldwide,” said Mike Jensen, GPO, USA’s owner and CEO. “These two premium rangefinding binoculars are the perfect fit between GPO’s 8×32 and 10×32, and 8×50 and 10×50, RANGEGUIDE™ units, rounding out GPO’s lineup in this category as we continue to set the industry standard for both high quality and affordability. Now hunters can pack a lightweight and compact unit yet will not compromise on optical quality, the ability to see the target in low light situations, or the speed and accuracy of the laser rangefinder – all at a price lower than other comparable premium brands.”

GPO’s best-in-the-business lifetime warranty backs all GPO RANGEGUIDE™ rangefinding binoculars. This portfolio of products has also been price repositioned, lowering the existing RANGEGUIDE prices to make all rangefinding binoculars more affordable for the serious outdoorsman. The ALL NEW portfolio MSRP is now: 

RANGEGUIDE 8×32 & 10×32 – $999.99 (new price)

RANGEGUIDE 8×40 & 10×40 – $1299.99 (NEW ITEM)

RANGEGUIDE 8×50 & 10×50 – $1599.99 (new price)

All products have a neoprene neck strap, microfiber cleaning cloth, ocular and objective lens covers, a hard case, and a single CR-2 battery. They’re available from GPO USA dealers nationwide, as well as on the company’s website, www.gpo-usa.com, where you can find information about the company’s entire line of high-quality, affordable riflescopes, binoculars, laser rangefinders, accessories, and much more.


GPO USA, an American company, was founded on the premise that design, engineering, and quality control can be 100 percent conducted in Germany to its strictest standards. Yet, products can be assembled at some of the most extensive production facilities worldwide. This unique production process allows GPO to offer the highest quality products with better features at a significantly better price. GPO USA is confident its products will function perfectly and consistently exceed customer expectations. Therefore, GPO USA has created an industry-leading Spectacular Lifetime Warranty™. With outstanding professional service, GPO USA will take care of its products before, during, and after the purchase at no charge. Founded in 2016, GPO USA is headquartered in Richmond, Va. For more information on GPO USA, visit www.gpo-usa.com or call 844-MY BINOS (844-692-4667.)

Technical Specifications

Optical parameter Description 8×40 10×40
Magnification 8x 10x
Field of View(FOV) Feet at 1,000 yards 375 330
Objective Diameter Effective diameter (mm) 40mm 40mm
Ocular diameteredge diameter (mm) 20mm 20mm
Exit pupil diameter Pupillary ocular beam (mm) 5mm 4mm
Housing Man body & hinge Mag Mag
Close focusing Shortest focal distance 16' 16'
Waterproof Mbar Yes Yes
Height (length) (without covers) 5.6" 5.6"
Weight (without covers) 25oz 26oz
Range Max Reflective solid targets (y) 3,500y 3,500y
Range Max I Semi-reflective – Tree(y) 1,093y 1,093y
Range Max non-reflective – animal (y) 766y 766y
Minimum Range yards 6y 6y
Laser response time seconds 25 sec .25 sec
True Angle Adjusted shooting distance Yes Yes
Angle Shows the angle degree Yes Yes
LOS mode Line of Sight only Yes Yes
Scan Mode 3 readings per second Yes Yes
Temperature Fahrenheit and Celcius Yes Yes
Display OLED – 9 brightness levels Yes Yes
Display Color RED Yes Yes
Battery Type CR2 Incl. Inc.
Angle sensor Max./Min degrees 85° 85°
MSRP Suggested retail price $1299.99 $1299.99

GPO will be showcasing the new RANGEGUIDEs at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, 

booth #11053.

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