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WATCHTOWER Firearms To Debut

New Titanium Jedburgh Suppressor at 2024 SHOT Show

SPRING, TX (Jan. 18, 2024) — Veteran-owned WATCHTOWER will debut its new top-of-the-line titanium Jedburgh Suppressor at the 2024 SHOT show, to be held January 23-26 at the Venetian Expo + Caesars Forum in Las Vegas, NV. You can find them in booth 71123.

The new Jedburgh suppressor is a mono-core, fully welded titanium suppressor designed as a high-performance, durable solution for reducing firearm noise and felt recoil. Constructed entirely from titanium, this suppressor has been engineered for superior durability and lightweight performance. The “mono-core” design is a single, integrated baffle system within the suppressor, optimizing sound reduction while maintaining structural integrity. Its internal design channels gas around the baffles, significantly reducing back pressure and gas exposure toward the shooter. Being fully welded ensures a sturdy and robust build, reducing the risk of component failure or degradation during use. It boasts an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, and the PVD corrosion-resistance coating ensures reliability even under even the most challenging environmental conditions. It has a suggested retail price of $699.

“Overall, the Jedburgh mono-core fully welded titanium suppressor is engineered to deliver superior sound reduction, durability, and performance while addressing common issues associated with traditional suppressor designs,” said WATCHTOWER CEO Jason Colosky, himself a former Recon Marine who served throughout Southwest Asia and Southeast Africa.

“This makes it a sought-after choice among firearm enthusiasts and professionals. We’re very excited to add it to our growing lineup of firearms and accessories.”

The use of suppressors for both outdoorsmen and recreational shooters has become increasingly popular as they have become more widely available and affordable, and more shooters begin to recognize they both reduce recoil and decrease muzzle flinch, which leads to improved accuracy. Suppressors reduce gunshot noise by an average of 15-45 dB — equivalent to the use of earplugs or earmuffs. A decibel measures the pressure level that a sound wave produces. Since decibels are measured on a logarithmic scale, a 6-10 dB decrease in sound equals halving perceived loudness.

WATCHTOWER Firearms is a veteran-owned firearm manufacturing company known for innovative design in its custom precision firearms that proudly manufactures its entire product line solely in America. The company offers a lifetime manufacturer product warranty on all firearms to protect customers against any manufacturing defects. If your firearm does have evidence of such defects, WATCHTOWER Firearms will accommodate fixing, repairing, or replacing your product. To learn more about WATCHTOWER and the company’s unique vision for the firearms industry, visit www.watchtowerfirearms.com.

Jedburgh Suppressor Specifications:

Material: Titanium

Baffle Design: Mono-core | reduced back pressure

Bore diameter: .30 caliber

Length: 8 inches

Weight: .8 lbs.

Caliber Rating: Up to .300 Norma Mag

Usage: Bolt action, semi-auto, and full auto rifles

Barrel restrictions: None

Finish: Black PVD coating

MSRP: $699.00


WATCHTOWER Firearms, The Next Great American Firearms Company, is a veteran-owned firearm manufacturing company headquartered in Spring, Texas. WATCHTOWER is dedicated to redefining the firearms manufacturing landscape through innovation, precision, and unwavering customer satisfaction. Our diverse range of products, crafted in the USA, includes military, civilian, and precision firearms, along with suppressors and accessories. In addition to consumer markets, WATCHTOWER supplies superior firearms to global military and law enforcement markets. All WATCHTOWER Firearms are backed by a lifetime guarantee, underscoring our commitment to quality and reliability. Embodying the spirit of American craftsmanship, WATCHTOWER Firearms continues to honor the nation’s legacy in gun making. For more information about our products and initiatives, visit www.watchtowerfirearms.com

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