AG Composites Offers Customizations Vital for Achieving Optimum Accuracy

AG Composites Offers Customizations Vital for Achieving Optimum Accuracy

OWENS CROSS ROADS, Ala. (April 30, 2024) — The best rifle shooters in the world all employ rifle stocks that have been custom-built to their exact specifications and personal preferences. This is true for both competition shooters and military snipers, who can’t afford to miss when the chips are down. AG Composites allows you to design your own custom rifle stock that will be built to your own personal specs using the world’s most advanced materials and manufacturing processes.

“Replacing a factory rifle stock with a custom stock from AG Composites is a quick, easy way to increase the accuracy potential of both rifle and shooter,” said Matt Tandy, AG Composites owner. “And the advantages of a custom stock are many. The shooter’s job is to precisely place a bullet, often at substantial distance, often in bad weather, and often from a less-than-perfect rest. A custom rifle stock provides the foundation with which you can consistently achieve that goal. It also is a reflection of an individual’s personal standards and characteristics, both aesthetically and physically.”

While factory stocks come in a one-size-fits-all configuration, custom stocks often feature adjustable cheek pieces and butt systems, ergonomic grips, upgraded recoil pads, and a design that actually helps reduce felt recoil despite shaving weight off a standard stock design when using high-quality carbon fiber or fiberglass materials instead of traditional wood. This custom-fit is critical in achieving consistent accuracy. In addition, a custom rifle stock will solidly bed the action and bottom metal while precisely free-floating the barrel regardless of barrel contour, another accuracy key.

“AG Composites uses modern design software from Solidworks and AutoDesk to create Computer Aided Design (CAD) models of every carbon fiber and fiberglass stock we manufacture,” Tandy said. “AG Composites’ design engineers bring their aerospace industry CAD modeling experience to every stock design project. In addition, we use only the highest-quality carbon fiber, epoxy, and paint products to manufacture our premium line of composite rifle stocks. And, our proprietary manufacturing process is the ‘secret sauce’ behind our ability to produce best-in-class stocks with delivery times that are a fraction of our competitors. Consistency, efficiency, cost control, and frequent quality control checks are the primary drivers of each step of our manufacturing process. We aim to give our customers outstanding value and superior performance and be the best in the business.”

You can learn more about designing your own custom rifle stock, as well as find more information about the company’s entire line of custom stocks, bottom metals, and accessories by visiting their website,, or by calling 1-833-AGSTOCK or (256) 723-8381.

About AG Composites

AG Composites is a veteran-owned that designs and manufactures advanced composite products in Owens Cross Roads, Ala. The company uses modern design software to create Computer-Aided Design (CAD) models and the highest quality carbon fiber epoxy, fiberglass, and paint to make its rifle stocks. Every stock is tested with the action, bottom metal, and barrel hardware before it ships to the customer. The company is known for delivering its products in weeks rather than months. AG Composites’ mission is to be the most responsive, reliable, and supportive supplier in the advanced composites industry. The company is a Made-In-The-USA advanced composites company based near Huntsville, AL. The company can be reached at 1-833-AGSTOCK, [email protected] or 

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