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Outdoor Edge® Wins Gold in Prestigious Bowhunting World Reader’s Choice Awards for 4th Time in 5 Years

DENVER (April 16, 2024) — Outdoor Edge, a leading brand in the hunting industry, has once again been recognized for its exceptional quality and innovation. For the fourth time in the last five years, Outdoor Edge has been awarded the Gold Medal in the prestigious Bowhunting World magazine’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

The Bowhunting World Reader’s Choice Awards are highly regarded in the industry, as they are determined by the votes of the magazine’s dedicated readership. Outdoor Edge’s consistent success in these awards is a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing industry leading products that meet the needs of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

“Our readers have spoken, and Outdoor Edge is a brand that has earned their trust in one of the most important tools for all bowhunters, their knife,” said Derrick Nawrocki, Grand View Outdoors President. “It’s also significant to note that Outdoor Edge has won Gold in four of the past five years, winning Silver in 2023. Our readers vote via an online submission system using an online form with a drop-down menu selection for each product category. The voting process was heavily promoted on all our consumer websites, associated e-newsletters, and dedicated e-mail lists, increasing participation by a factor of five from past years. We believe that this increase has led to a more accurate and valuable set of results. At the end of the day, Outdoor Edge stood above the crowd yet again when it comes to knives and related cutlery products.”

Will Morgan, Outdoor Edge’s Director of Marketing and Product Management, expressed his gratitude for the recognition. “Receiving the Bowhunting World Reader’s Choice Awards Gold medal for the fourth time in five years is a huge honor,” said Morgan. “All our hunting knife designs are created by serious outdoorsmen who know what works in the field. One big reason our patented RazorSafe® replaceable blade system, which offers a variety of knife handles and blade profiles so you never have to sharpen your knife again no matter the task, is a favorite with sportsmen around the world.”

Outdoor Edge offers a wide range of cutlery products, tools, and accessories for hunters. Their innovative designs and commitment to quality have made them a trusted brand among outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. For more information on the entire Outdoor Edge line of products, customers can call toll-free 1-888-249-6942 email [email protected], or visit their website at www.outdooredge.com

About Outdoor Edge: Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Denver, Outdoor Edge is a leading designer and manufacturer of knives and tools. Outdoor Edge continues to innovate and develop revolutionary products for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, handymen and anyone who requires the very best knives and tools available for leisure, work and everyday-carry needs. The company prides itself in technology and innovation through its patented RazorSafe™ replaceable blade system, offering a variety of knife handles and blade profiles so you never have to sharpen your knife again, no matter the task. All knives and tools undergo extensive field-testing in harsh, rugged environments resulting in durable, long-lasting products that come with a lifetime guarantee. Outdoor Edge is a Revo Brands company.

About Revo Brands: Revo Brands is the parent company of enthusiast and mission-critical brands that drive growth through superior innovation, design, and marketing. Our brand portfolio features market-leading brands Real Avid and Outdoor Edge. Visit www.RevoBrands.com for more information.

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