Author, Hunter, and Conservationist Mike Arnold Available for Speaking Engagements

Athens, GA (May 31, 2022) ¾ Author Mike Arnold is not your stereotypical college professor. A Distinguished Research Professor of Genetics at the University of Georgia, Mike has been a life-long hunter who heard the call of the Hunter’s Horn at age five. Mike spends several months each year in the field, pursuing everything from rabbits and quail to Africa’s dangerous game. Combining his passions for hunting, conservation, and science, he has enjoyed sharing his experiences in a long list of outdoor publications that include Sports Afield, Hunter’s HornSafari Magazine, and African Hunting Gazette, and interviews by a wide variety of media, including Science Magazine, The New York Times, and National Public Radio. He has also produced two TEDx presentations on the topic of conservation-through-trophy-hunting and published literally hundreds of research articles and four books on topics including conservation biology. Mike’s fifth book, BRINGING BACK THE LIONS: International Hunters, Local Tribespeople, and the Miraculous Rescue of a Doomed Ecosystem in Mozambique is due out this summer.

An engaging speaker, Mike enjoys personally sharing his experiences with audiences that include hunters and non-hunters alike. A sampling of his presentations include such varied topics as “Conservation-Through-Hunting: North America, Europe, Asia and Africa,” helping educate the audience on how hunters and both their dollars and work have conserved wildlife populations throughout the world; “From the Ashes: Coutada 11 in Mozambique,” describing this process as a model system of how to restore and conserve habitats and increase quality of life of rural populations of people in developing countries;  “What Not to Take on an African Safari!,” a humorous and educational look at how novice safari hunters bring way too much unnecessary stuff; and “Guide-speak,” a look back at some of the funniest quotes and anecdotes from guides and professional hunters designed to both entertain and educate the audience.

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