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Author Bio
Mike Arnold has been a life-long hunter. The Hunter’s Horn blew very early for him. From the age of five, Mike has spent months each year pursuing game animals – from quail and rabbits behind his parents’ house, to kudu and leopard in Africa, and Brocket deer in Mexico. Mike has more than 150 published articles, including feature pieces in Sports Afield, Hunter’s Horn, Safari Magazine, and African Hunting Gazette. Mike also produced two TEDx presentations on the topic of conservation-through-trophy-hunting. Mike’s new book, BRINGING BACK THE LIONS: International Hunters, Local Tribespeople, and the Miraculous Rescue of a Doomed Ecosystem in Mozambique is due out by July 1, 2022.
Combined with his love of the outdoors, hunting, and conservation is his passion for science. Mike is a Distinguished Research Professor of Genetics at the University of Georgia. He has published hundreds of research articles and four books on topics including conservation biology. Publications such as Science Magazine, The New York Times, and National Public Radio continue calling Mike for interviews covering his research.
Mike lives in Georgia with his wife Frances. Their cat abandoned them after 16 years, they have no plans to ever have a pet again.

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